Green Youth Green India

Green Youth Green India

India has the world’s largest pool of youth, who have the potential to transform India into the next superpower. We firmly believe our young and innovative generation is going to play a key role and lead the world in the future… and this exact thought was the inception of ‘Green Youth, Green India’. We partnered with colleges and started a new trend at college festivals to support and involve the youth in green causes during college events.

What we do

We provide a common platform and involve youth in social and environmental causes to help them understand the importance of the environment. We encourage the youth to come together and showcase their green ideas, thoughts, social leadership, technology and how they can positively transform society towards a greener world.

We organize discussions, presentations and talks on Green Sustainable Leadership, old stuff collection drives, tree plantations, clean and green campus events, marathons,roadshows, bike rallies and many other activities as per the needs and requirements of partnered colleges.

  • Impact

    We started with just a few colleges and in less than two years have our presence in more than 200 colleges across India. Our partners list includes IIST-Bangalore, IITs, IIMs, BHU, BITS, NITs, DU, MU, K.C., NM, St. Xavier colleges, SRCC, PUNJAB UNIVERSITY, Chandigarh University, and such other colleges from across India.

    Partner With Us

    We invite all colleges/educational institutes from across the globe to be an essential part of the ‘Green Youth, Green India’ campaign. As a partner of this initiative, your college will gain a number of invaluable benefits. For details write or call us.