Green Celebrations

Green Celebrations

Does the site of the empty plastic cups and bottles dumped at the end of a ‘Save the Planet’ event make you peeved?

It is becoming increasingly important to ensure we are practicing sustainable living in all forms, especially through the events we attend. Creating green events will allow us to reduce our carbon footprint and be more environmentally conscious.

Target Audience



Conferences and meetings

Music Concert

Award Fuctions

Religious Festivities

Political Gatherings

Sustainable Events Management

  1. Achieve strategic goals which serve economic, environmental and social interests
  2. Reduce negative impacts and harm on land and resources
  3. Bring positive results for local and global society to inspire sustainable lifestyle change


  • New and emerging concept in India which will increase your brand value
  • Conserves the environment & supports local communities
  • Saves money
  • Attracts new stakeholders
  • Improves show and long term success and profitability of event
  • Matches attendees ideals
  • Promotes a sustainable lifestyle
  • Create new revenue streams - CSR activities

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