Zaroorat - A Need

Zaroorat - A Need

Works on the premise that one man’s waste can be another man’s treasure. The main objective of the project is to provide everyday necessities to millions of needy people who face hardship and health risk due to the lack of proper clothing and other basic items in far-flung areas and urban slums of the country. The project is based on the ‘Realize, Reuse, Recycle’ model.

What You Can Donate

You can donate anything in good condition that you don’t use anymore which might help someone in need, such as clothes, utensils, electrical appliances (washing machine, laptop, mobile, computer etc.) bed sheets, toys, blankets, shoes, sporting goods, furniture, stationery, books (We do not accept syllabus books, under-garments) etc. These items will be sorted, repaired, sewed, packaged, transported and distributed in the place of need across the country.

and Toys

and Furniture

Sporting goods
and Utensils

and Stationary

Donate your old household materials in good conditions now.

No. of items/clothes/bags or any other stuff.