Bag for Cause

"Say NO to plastic bags, save earth, empower tribal women"

Bag for Cause

"Say No to Plastic Bags, Save Earth, Empower Tribal Women"

Plastic and non-woven bags have very dangerous impacts on the environment, nature, human and animals’ lives. It is misbalancing marine ecosystem and killing marine lives, animals. Plastic bags have been one of the reasons for the heavy flood in Mumbai (2005 and 2017) and Chennai.

To solve this issue, Green Yatra has come up with solution Bag for Cause . This project is working to save the environment from harmful plastic and non-woven bags and helping to empower underprivileged and tribal women .

Bag for Cause are eco-friendly, designed by experts, reusable, economical (starting from just Rs.10), durable, washable, and made from cotton, canvas, jute and other natural and eco-friendly materials.

These bags are available in different sizes and designs which can carry 1- 20 kg of weight (as per size and designs). You can gift and distribute them in your housing society, locality, offices, school, college or in any social events.

We accept bulk orders and do customisation as per requirements.

Few benefit to support to "Bag for Cause" .

  • Tax benefits for corporates.
  • GST Free,
  • CSR Benefits,
  • Best in class, Economical, high-quality bags,
  • Customized and designed by qualified designers,
  • Direct help in employment for Underprivileged Tribal Women,
  • Enhanced goodwill and positive image for your company.
  • Indirect Social Media Branding and
  • Lifetime association and Certification of appreciation from Green Yatra.

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